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Invest in yourself, not stuff

Invest in yourself, not stuff


We often ‘treat ourselves’ with food, a new top or a knick-knack but how about we REALLY treat ourselves and others? What if, instead of frivolously spending cash, we purposefully invest in ourselves?


Always fancied trying that local yoga class, got a really bad back and keep putting off a massage? Do you keep saying to a friend I’d love to be really good at…? Find yourself saying, I don’t have the time for that?


What if you made a conscious decision to really spend some time and money on yourself and RE-ach out to new things, RE-evaluate your time, RE-energise, RE-place with things that add more value to your life?


I have recently taken steps towards making more conscious decisions about how I spend my money and time. In the past I would have felt guilty about spending money on a massage but now I see it as investing in myself and why wouldn’t I want to do that?

Invest in yourself, not stuff!
Invest in yourself, not stuff!

How I now invest in myself each week/month?

I now have a massage once a month with Jacqui Foster, go to one to one yoga sessions every two weeks with the amazing Keri Lincoln (read down if you’re looking for a great yoga teacher), go to a great local friendly circuits class run by Tom Fitness, attend a meditation/design your life course once a month, go for evening walks, schedule a café trip with Helen once a week and read each evening before bed.


Helen and I want to support local people (Burscough/Ormskirk area/West Lancs) doing great stuff so I have added links at the bottom of the post if you’re looking for recommendations.


Is it really worth it?

Choosing to do ‘one to one’ yoga has been one of the best decisions I have made and not for obvious reasons either. I started yoga as logically I knew it is good for mind, body and spirit but I didn’t quite realise how much an impact it would have.


I didn’t think I was going to get any good, I just thought it would be a nice thing to do but I have quickly realised with practice and knowledge about my own body, through one to one direction I have achieved things I didn’t know I could. It is early days but I can already see the possibilities of what I could achieve. This has had a knock on effect on the rest of my life; it’s like a ripple effect. I started to think, well if I can do that, why can’t I do something else?


I now have more energy; I’m focused, calm and open to new knowledge. I have developed my eagerness for precision. I have a bounce in my step and have oodles more confidence. I feel RE-connected and have a LOT more fun and giggles.


While one to one sessions might cost more, I get infinitely more feedback about how I can PERSONALLY improve and get a tailored MOT.

Sweaty Smiley Sally!


The Minimalists talk about 5 values we should pay particular attention to:

Invest in your personal growth; get wiser, more knowledgeable and aware,

Invest in your health and get more energy,

Invest in your relationships and get more connected with others and nature,

Invest in others (contribute to the community) and feel re-connected,

Invest in your passions and get more joy.


How did I do it?

When I first started this journey I was off sick from work and felt like I couldn’t justify spending money but I knew I needed to change something so one morning I decided to follow a yoga video on YouTube for 15 minutes and made a pact with myself to follow it everyday from now on. I’m still doing it now 6 months later.


Start small and choose one thing to focus on and you’ll soon start to see it naturally impacting other areas of your life. Make time each day or each week for whatever you want more of in your life.


Some ideas of how you could invest in yourself

  • Massage to re-lax (£30)
  • Physio to sort out dodgy arms, legs, limbs to re-align (£40)
  • One to one classes in yoga, art, fitness (£10-£30)
  • An evening course or local workshop to re-think (£10+)
  • A dating website subscription fee to get out there re-connecting (£30)
  • See a counsellor/get a mentor to re-flect and re-discover (£30)
  • Get your gut in gear and see a Nutritionist – re-balance (£40)


What if I don’t have that much spare cash? Free things to do!

If you don’t have much disposable income, the one thing that everyone has is time and even if you don’t have much, how about 10 minutes a day? You might find you want to increase your ‘me time’ when you feel the benefits. We can all get rushed along by thinking ‘I should be doing x or y’, ‘I need to do x before I can do y’. Make time for you.

Some things you might want to do to invest in yourself that are free/cheap:

  • Take a walk
  • Get up an hour earlier and enjoy that extra ‘you time’
  • Guided meditation video on YouTube
  • Café with a friend for tea and toast
  • Read a book at the library- go get wiser
  • Set intentions each morning
  • Massage swop with a friend- get intimate!
  • Ring a friend
  • Turn off all techy stuff for an hour of peace


What if an item would give long-term benefits?

While I’m advocating less material spending, it may be that an item will bring you more long-term health benefits, for example it could be a new mattress to give you better sleep.



Local ways to invest in yourself (Burscough & Ormskirk)

Keri Lincoln Yoga http://kerilincolnyoga.co.uk/

Keri runs regular classes in Burscough and Standish and one to one classes. I can’t rate Keri highly enough, she knows her stuff and has taught me loads in just a short amount of time. She has a lovely welcoming nature, making classes suitable for beginners and those who are more advanced. If you want to have a giggle and begin to reconnect to mind, body and spirit, Keri is your lady.

Classes £5

One to One £25

Keri Lincoln Primal Yoga
Keri Lincoln Primal Yoga


Tom Lincoln Personal Trainer http://tomfitness.co.uk/tom-fitness-testimonials/

Tom runs a local friendly circuits class, running club and personal training service, which my friend highly recommends. If you’re like me and can get a bit intimidated by big classes or sporty types you might want to try Tom’s classes. He mixes it up each week making classes unique, has fab playlists, gives you alternative exercises if you’re having any trouble, and at the end of it you feel like you’ve worked really hard and can take on the world!

Tom Fitness Circuit: Tuesday 7-8pm

McKinstry Martial Arts Studio

Burscough Industrial Estate

(£25 for 5 weeks)

Burscough Running Club : Wednesday 7-8pm

Richmond Park Burscough

(£10 till the end of Aug 2016)

Tom Fitness circuits class!
Tom Fitness circuits class!



Jacqui Foster Massage  http://www.burscoughneurophysio.co.uk/herbal-complementary-therapies/

Jacqui Foster has what can only be described as ‘magic hands’. I’ve had my fair share of massages but Jacqui wins ‘hands down’, no pun intended. She offers deep tissue massages working on areas that need more work to ease out any knots. Jacqui has a lovely bubbly nature, which makes you feel instantly relaxed. You can reach Jacqui by calling 07876472217.

Aromatherapy full body massage £40 – (approx 60 mins)
Aromatherapy full upper body massage £35 – (approx 45 mins)
Aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage £30- (approx 30 mins)
Indian Head Massage £35 – (approx 45 mins)



How are you going to invest in yourself? Helen and I would love to hear your stories!






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