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A new experience for less than the cost of a pair of trainers #1 Tree Trekking

(*For the purposes of the feature we are assessing the cost of an average pair of trainers as £60)

Experience: Tree Trekking

Cost: £31.00


A few weeks ago we blogged about our plan to test out all sorts of experiences that cost less than the price of a pair of trainers, with the aim of demonstrating a range of options to inspire you to do something more meaningful (& fun!) than simply consuming material items. So here is the first in the series of experiences – tree trekking!

What is it?

Tree-trekking as an experience can be found in a number of outdoor activity centres such as Go Ape, and holiday venues like Center Parcs. However the particular one we opted for was the excellent Brockhole’s Treetop Trek in Windermere (www.brockhole.co.uk/attractions/treetop-trek/).

The entire course consists of 35 treetop challenges with various aerial obstacles, and takes around 2 hours to complete, making it great value for money. However the best bit comes at the end … a 250 metre zip wire from the Treetop tower to the shore of Lake Windermere – just awesome!

What you need to know

  • Booking in advance is essential, especially if you plan to visit during peak times such as weekends or school holidays.
  • The process itself can be done easily online and costs £31 for adults and £23 for children for the full course (£18/£15 for the short course).
  • Family tickets are also available which incorporate discounts and makes a family day out a more cost-effective option.
  • Your booking provides you with the option to select a time at which your trek will begin, and you are requested to turn up in advance to go through a safety briefing with the instructors.

What we thought…

With a hold up leaving us running behind on the day, we were worrying about making it to the briefing on time. However upon arrival the staff were excellent and guided us straight through to book in, and out to the briefing without the slightest bit of fuss. We joined a small group safety briefing where we were fitted with safety harnesses and talked through how they worked. Then just a few minutes later we were off …

Tree Trek1

Helen: “I have to be honest – after the first couple of trees I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it all the way around the course. Even though I was safely attached to a harness, and could see the steps, wire or planks ahead of me, there is some part of my brain that just wasn’t keen to take a large step off a platform high up in the trees! However with encouragement from my friends (& a tiny bit of adrenaline!), I grew in confidence after I had completed a few sections and was fine. In fact I was more than fine – I loved it!”

Tree Trek 3

Tree-trekking was a fantastic experience and we would thoroughly recommend it to anyone … unless of course you happen to be scared of heights!

Want to know more?

For more details and current prices/times please check out the Brockhole website: www.brockhole.co.uk/attractions/treetop-trek/ and maybe try it out yourself 🙂

Tree Trek 2

So is it worth it?

Real cost: £54.40 (Tree trekking = £31.00, Lunch = £14.20, Petrol = £5.00, Parking = £4.20)

Value for money: 4*/5*

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