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Celebrating Birthdays and Friendships

Today’s blog post is an extra special one – today is the 30th birthday of the amazing Sally, my Re-Root partner, and fabulous friend. So for this post only, I am going to break away from the usual blog post style of discussing intentional living and wellbeing, and instead celebrate having such an amazing lady in my life.


Sally and I began our separate minimalism journeys around the same time, and for different reasons, however we share similar values and beliefs, and this has also influenced how we celebrate our birthdays. Within our friendship group we now all value having experiences together, rather than buying each other presents. While we have a few things planned for Sally’s birthday (a celebratory meal, a weekend away with the girls, etc.) I don’t want to let this occasion pass by without letting Sally know just how important she is to me.




She is inspiring, funny, caring, warm, generous, kind, thoughtful, and so many more things besides. Sally is a friend who I have discussed my deepest worries, and shared my happiest moments with. We have discovered new places together, and frequented familiar haunts. We have shared some pretty awesome experiences together too, including; indoor skydiving, chocolate tasting, and tree-trekking. Sally was the person who said ‘Let’s do it!’ when I wondered whether it was possible to lunch in a European city, and 6 weeks later we did just that, flying to Copenhagen for a day!
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We giggle together frequently and I have lost count of the number of times Sally has made me laugh so much that I could hardly breathe. She inspired me to try yoga and to consider more ethical and sustainable ways of living. Sally frequently blows me away by her capacity for new and inspiring ideas about life, the universe and everything. I look forward to sharing many more chats, giggles and experiences with her in the future 🙂



Sally inspires me to be the best version of myself, and when you find a friend like that you hold on tight!

Happy 30th birthday Sally – love you to bits xxx


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  1. Spot on Helen!!! You say it so well and I’m very lucky to have such great friends to share lovely moments with….XX

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