Not buying clothes for a year, what I have learnt so far- Sally

In March I decided to do an experiment and not buy any clothes for a year. And you might be wondering if I have I gone cold turkey over clothes? The answer is yes, and that is surprising considering my love of shopping. Why did 

A new experience for less than the cost of … a pair of trainers?

Many people mindlessly default to a day’s shopping as something to do, but as Minimalists and lovers of experiential living, we wanted to try and use our time and our money in more meaningful ways. We think that by demonstrating what can be done, and 

Decluttering: A life changing discovery – Helen

It sounds dramatic to state that decluttering has changed my life – but that’s the best way I can describe this process. It started with a book, then the gradual, physical decluttering of my house, but now I am applying the concept to almost every 

Make everything count – Sally

Make everything count Life is a lot like a library. Everyday, I turn the page and learn something new. Take a bad scenario…I’ve had a dodgy ankle for the last 4 weeks and it was stopping me doing badminton and walking so this week I 

Welcome to Re-root Yourself

Hi! We are Sally and Helen, and we are both on a journey towards having more. Not more in terms of material possessions, but more experiences and more fulfilment by creating meaningful lives. Through de-cluttering and getting rid of all the excess that was either