Come to a crossroads? Signs, tests and lessons in life

So we’ve all come to crossroads in our lifetime and had to make decisions about what to do, whether it’s about taking a new job, moving on from a relationship or making a new start on life… but how do we choose what to do? 

Why I set intentions everyday

Intention setting and meditation are the new ‘in’ things and more people are taking it up but why now, does it really work and what’s the science behind it? I tried it out after having spoken to someone who was fully embracing the spiritual life 

Not buying clothes for a year experiment: ‘failure’ but worth the lessons learnt

Following on from my initial post in April telling you all about my not buying clothes experiment, here is my update 7 months in. It hasn’t all been plain sailing but the lessons I have learnt have been worth it.   When I first started 

Celebrating Birthdays and Friendships

Today’s blog post is an extra special one – today is the 30th birthday of the amazing Sally, my Re-Root partner, and fabulous friend. So for this post only, I am going to break away from the usual blog post style of discussing intentional living 

Precious memories or clutter? Decluttering my children’s artwork

As soon as we have children we are inundated with stuff! Not just the practical, everyday stuff that is part and parcel of being a parent, but all the sentimental stuff too (birth announcements, new baby cards, baby books, first Babygro, teddies, money boxes, photographs 

Books: I read more now I own less – how does this work?

I read more now I have fewer books. I used to own a bookcase full of books and textbooks and only used to read one book every 5 months. Now, I only own about 20 books (plus 30 reference books) but read a book every 

Helen: Last year I decided to stop weighing myself …

Like the vast majority of people my weight fluctuates. In the past I have been overweight and unhealthy (& 2 dress sizes bigger than I am now), I have also been super-fit and healthy (& 2 dress sizes smaller than I am now).   Some 

A new experience for less than the cost of a pair of trainers #1 Tree Trekking

(*For the purposes of the feature we are assessing the cost of an average pair of trainers as £60) Experience: Tree Trekking Cost: £31.00   A few weeks ago we blogged about our plan to test out all sorts of experiences that cost less than 

Invest in yourself, not stuff

Invest in yourself, not stuff   We often ‘treat ourselves’ with food, a new top or a knick-knack but how about we REALLY treat ourselves and others? What if, instead of frivolously spending cash, we purposefully invest in ourselves?   Always fancied trying that local 

Time: A valuable yet wasted resource – Helen

Is time passing you by? Time is a valuable and abundant resource – we all have it, yet we so often waste it. If we don’t slow down and pay attention to our lives, it gradually slips away without us really noticing. How often do