Why de-clutter?

  • Physical space making your home a living space not just storage.
  • Creating clutter free physical space giving a calm feeling and increased wellbeing.
  • You can sort all the mental clutter giving you energy for focused attention on the things that really matter to you- a bit like a mind dump.
  • A very satisfying feeling of only owning just the things you love, meaning you spend less on frivolous items, saving you money.
  • More important than any of this is making time and room for new opportunities, experiences and living intentionally!


Areas of life to de-clutter

  • Clothes
  • The home (kitchen, cupboards, misc items, books, hobby equipment)
  • Paperwork (bank statements, bills, instruction manuals)
  • Digital de-clutter (social media, emails, digitally stored files)
  • Relationships that no longer serve you
  • Commitments (social and work- learning to say no)


Why we hold on to things

  • Just in case scenarios.
  • Memories and sentimentalism -we hold the memories the items themselves don’t.
  • Unfulfilled past and future intentions- sometimes we have aspirations that we never actually fulfill or won’t realistically in the future.
  • It was gifted to us and we feel obliged to keep it even if we don’t like it.
  • Family heir looms and items – sometimes we feel we lose a part of them when we give them away.
  • Guilt- we might feel guilty about any of the above!


Maybe it’s time to let go physically and metaphorically!