Welcome to Re-Root Yourself!

I started Re-Root Yourself as a blog with a friend Helen initially a few years ago when I noticed a huge increase in the numbers of people suffering with anxiety and depression and generally not feeling well mentally and physically. I also suffered with bouts of not feeling well in myself and I felt that life wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. So over the last few years I have studied and read about as many ways as I can that can help have helped me feel more in tune with myself and has improved all aspects of my life.

Many of us have disconnected from what it is to be human, caught up in the modern world of busyness and materialism; desiring stuff over enjoying the simple pleasures in life that nature can offer us.

I still have days where I struggle with things but the lessons and things I have studied along the way have massively helped me cope with the ups and downs of life and feel much calmer and at ease with myself. So I set up Re-Root Yourself to share some of the ways you can also choose to do things that make you feel better and live more.

Yoga and reiki have become staples in my day to day life and I know they help me feel more grounded and in control of life and my emotions. On the days when I don’t engage in these practices, I notice!

If you feel like you need some more calm and grounding in life, please do get in touch and we can look at some of the ways you might be able to Re-Root Yourself.