Invest in yourself, not stuff!

So you’ve found Re-Root Yourself, welcome!


Here is a little about my journey so far and why I decided to start Re-root-yourself with Helen. I like lists, so here you have it in bullet form.


  • Love of de-cluttering: As you may know by now Re-Root-Yourself stems from a desire to strive for experiences not stuff and get back to basics so you won’t be surprised to know that I have loved de-cluttering since a very young age and my parents often remind me of the times when I used to deposit unwanted items outside my bedroom ready to be disposed of. Fortunately, I now have more of an ethical stance on this and can see the bigger picture of re-cycling and doing it re-sponsibly! The need to have less clutter has never left me; it is just that in the last year I decided to get more serious about it, especially since Helen and I started sharing our experiences of de-cluttering and living more intentionally.


  • Journey of re-covering from anxiety and depression: Having struggled with anxiety and depression and mentoring students who suffer from mental health issues has lead me to be interested in why we think the way we do and be on the look out for solutions! Reading, video blogs, courses in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Contemporary Psychotherapy, and being open to everything that’s out there has inspired me to re-root myself back to basics and now hope to inspire others to re-ap the benefits. Now, I enjoy doing some of the following everyday; yoga (re-aligning), meditation (re-grounding), setting intentions for the day (re-thinking), simple things like jigsaws (re-laxing), gardening (re-connecting) and experiencing new things (re-energising).


  • Sense of re-connecting: I became interested in gardening last year and started my own veggie plot and it was so satisfying to see that I could provide for myself and nurture my body, my mental health and the environment all in one. More recently I have become more aware of the importance of re-connecting with people, sharing knowledge and re-sources and that we can’t possibly do it (life) alone like so many of us are trying to do.


Some current interests:

  • Not buying new clothes for a year
  • Increase use of organic products aiming towards zero waste
  • Tiny Houses