Our Journey

Hi! We are Sally and Helen and we are both on a journey towards having more. Not more in terms of material possessions, but more experiences and more fulfilment by creating meaningful lives. Through de-cluttering and getting rid of all the excess that was either holding us back or stopping us moving forward we have started the process of re-rooting ourselves, to develop our true selves. We have found more freedom and joy in our lives, including regular brunch time together to discuss how to live more intentionally … and to plan our next adventures! We both look forward to Tuesday mornings and our inspirational chats about life.


De-cluttering has been a major part of our journeys and was really a kick-starter to living more intentionally. Marie Kondo’s book, ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’, ‘Suffocation’ By James Wallman and The Minimalists have massively influenced the way we have undertaken this process, and how we continue to explore the benefits of de-cluttering. While Marie Kondo offers the ‘how to’ on de-cluttering, Suffocation offers the ‘why to’ and The Minimalists further explain how intentional living can be applied to all parts of our lives, from relationships to health and finding our mission in life.


Removing the clutter has opened up new opportunities. We have both more time and more money, and are able to use these to experience more from life. Time with friends and family, learning, travel and new experiences are just some of the ways we enrich our lives as we choose to value experiences over things.


Although we arrived at the idea of re-rooting ourselves for different reasons and probably have slightly different expectations about where it will take us, we wanted to share our journeys and hopefully inspire you to make some small changes in your life that might add some more joy.